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Heaven & Hell

  The Difference between Heaven & Hell:

"A man spoke with the Lord about heaven and hell. The Lord said to the man "come, I will show you hell". They entered a room where a group of famished people sat around a huge pot of cooking stew. Everyone in the room was starving and desperate. Each person held a spoon that reached the pot but each spoon had a handle so much longer than their own arms that it could not be used to get the stew into their own mouths. The suffering was terrible. "Come now, I will show you heaven" the Lord said.

They entered another room identical to the first, the big pot of stew, the group of people and the same long-handled spoons. But here everyone was happy and well nourished. "I don't understand" said the man. "Why is everyone happy here and miserable in the other room? Everything is the same."

"Here," said the Lord "they have learned to feed each other"

-Unknown "

In the Bible, The Apostle Paul writes in the sixth chapter of the book of Galations about bearing the burdens of one another. If a Someone is truly a Saved Christian it is their duty to help their brothers and sisters in Christ, also other that are in need, too many times we get caught up in our busy lives, and the material things that we seem to focus on while we forget our duties. A Christian is supposed to strive to live Christ-like, which is no easy task by any means, and not to say that we don't fail each and every day, but we must fulfill our duties. All obstacles can be overcome when we help each other, when someone gets discouraged, it is our duty to remind them that, as Paul wrote to the Philippians, We can do all things in Christ, who strengthens us. If we all work together in one mind and one accord, totally focused on Christ Jesus, we can change the nation, even the world.

It is also our express duty to tell those that are not saved about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice that he made on the cross for all mankind. He is loving and ready to forgive them if they would only believe in him and accept Him into their hearts. this is my hope and prayer for all people to come to know Christ Jesus as their personal Savior.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

Over the course of the last few weeks I've been reading and studying on this scripture and it is still as refreshing as the first time that I read it. It's wonderful to know that we have a building not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens! As a Born Again Christian that is exactly what we have to look forward to.We'll have a new body in Christ free from old age, disease, & sorrow! We can look forward to eternal Peace, Joy, & Love. We will spend eternity praising God and rejoicing in his awesome presence. Many times, we as christians would much rather shed this old mortal,sinful, flesh of iniquity & put on the eternal, pure robes of the Marriage Supper, but we have a work to do here on this earth. We work at our jobs as hard as we can for a meager paycheck, if we worked that hard for the Lord, we could accomplish so much and glorify His name. not to mention that the pay is much better! We Christians that have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior have a Wonderful Goal in sight. We can look forward to eternity in a Beautiful, Glorious Kingdom of our Heavenly Father! Take Heart faithful Christians! Pray without ceasing, and work as God instructs you! We have a kingdom to inherit, and a Father to meet !

Mountains High & Valleys Low

As I was thinking about Life, I began to think on mountains and valleys....everyone want to be on the mountaintop, but lets look at it from a natural perspective first... as we go up a mountain there is a point called the fall line, it is the point where plants stop growing(normally 3/4 up) because there is no nutrients in the soil, if there is soil at all........ if we stay on the mountaintop we cant grow, BUT....Valleys are rich with fertile soil....thats where things can grow.........we need our trials and temptations to help us grow......... also, think of this......if you had never tasted anything bitter, how would you know what sweet tasted like. you wouldn't because there is nothing to make you appreciate the sweet, just like if obly good things happened, how would we know that they were good?.......I find that when you are in your lowest valley, thats when you tend to lean and rely on God the most!...but we should rely on him even at our highest mountain peaks!


we need to pray for everyone in school. School can be a rough place sometimes and children are exposed to so many negative influences. Children are exposed to drugs& alcohol, either seeing or hearing about them. kids hear foul language all around them. it is sad to say that we find these things in our nation's schools, but if you notice people have taken many positive influences out of our school such as Prayer and the Bible, and almost any trace of God whatsoever. and sadly, we as a christian community have let it happen. we need to make sure to vote in a way that is pleasing to God. we need to take a stand on our principles and don't budge. it's time to do what is right, so starting today we need to get everyone to pray for our children and our country that whatever happens, it will be what God wants, not necessarily what sounds pleasant to us